el cigarro y su simbolismo

curandera smoke-9
curandera smoke-10.jpg
curandera smoke-1
curandera smoke-7
curandera smoke-6
curandera smoke-5
curandera smoke-3
curandera smoke-2

El Cigarro y su Simbolismo
What symbolism is perceived when I smoke a cigar? How am I seen smoking in this context? Is a man with a cigar and a pocket watch thought of in the same way? This series of work explores the symbolism that smoking a cigar represents and the bridge that separates as well as connects the male and female cigar smoker. In the act of smoking the cigar, I discovered I embodied both masculine and feminine traits and I felt a sense of raw energy overcoming me. I question where my perceptions come from, are they closer to the American society images that I grew up with or do they tie to my Mexican roots of the curandera who blows smoke for healing?

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