Studio Daniela Garza
2017 Boudry Switzerland
Lotería Project Correspondence  

3 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Hello Rick I see that your book came out, congratulations. I apologize it took a while to see this message. How I miss traveling and the wonderful conversations one has on a plane. These are my pictures. I have a few shows this year one that is taking place right now in Tokyo and one in May in Denver however due to the covid restrictions I had to send my work in the mail. I will travel as soon as they lift the mandatory quarantine, (PS this is a word I never thought I would write so much).
      Take care and see you around, maybe you will have a book signing one day and I will happen to be around.

      1. I’m so happy to hear from you. Thank you so much for reaching out. Your photos are simply beautiful! I’m excited about your exhibits, and not surprised that your work has widespread appreciation. Yes, the travel ban has been challenging. Hoping it will be safe to venture out before long. It would be lovely to meet on another flight! All the best to you–

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