La Fête des Vendanges

Cortège des enfants

Before arriving here I imagined I would have the adult experience of eating, drinking and celebrating until a late hour during the grape harvest festival in Nuechatel but when that day came I found myself   enjoying the day festivities  and watching the children’s procession with my family. I still recall the laughter and joys of children as they paraded by and the astonishment in my son’s eyes as he saw all the children, vibrant costumes, the throwing of confetti and heard the loud instruments of marching bands. There is so much happiness given when a child smiles.

Jean Pierre and his escargo clan

It is hard to not to laugh and squeal at the sight of my son and his escargot clan. When we decided to make the move from Colorado to Neuchâtel I had no idea that Jean Pierre would get to Switzerland and bring back escargot from his outdoor excursions.  I use to think escargot as a delicious meat to add to parsley, garlic and butter. Now unfortunately I see them as family, protecting them from bad placement where they can easily get crushed under foot and picking up after them as they leave behind a gooey mess. Soon enough the season will change and both I and the escargot will get some rest.

Living in Switzerland

Hiking Mont d’Or

I have crossed state lines from Colorado to Wyoming and back again, but this was my first time I crossed countries. It was a four hour hike starting in France crossing in and out of Switzerland and at the end we were charged by cows protecting their young. We got away and nobody died.  The strange thing about hiking in Switzerland is you hike in the land of the domesticated cow and for some odd reason I become frightened around a herd of cows but never minded hiking among wild life in America.

Laussanne Cathedral

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